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Join us for our online classes to learn meditation methods designed to help us transform all our difficulties.

These classes are designed so that you can drop-in to any class, any week without the need to book. We hold these classes in eight locations throughout Perth and the surrounding area, including the East Fremantle Centre, making it easy for you to drop-in to a class anytime for some inner peace, happiness and practical wisdom.

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Stress, anxiety, worry. Whatever we call it, we could all do without it…

Our stress, anxieties are worries arise as a result, not of the situations we encounter, people we have to deal with, stuff we have to do, but as a result of our relating to these things in unhelpful ways. In this course we’ll aim to uncover some of the negative mental habits that lie at the root of our stress and learn ways to overcome them.

June 5 Week series | Online

Course Description

We have in our mind many underlying assumptions that govern our life and behaviour – these are like the default mechanisms of our mind.

These assumptions are our habitual ways of thinking, but are largely unexamined; we have little or no evidence to support them as being true… and yet, they govern and guide our behaviour, our life and how we relate to our world. Since many of them contradict the knowledge we possess, they mislead us and cause us many problems, and obstruct our ability to fulfil our deepest wishes to be happy and to avoid suffering. So we will examine and challenge some of these mistaken habits of mind, see the real and practical consequences of them, contemplate and meditate so that we can dislodge them and replace them with assumptions that will not mislead us, but will guide us steadily towards greater happiness and freedom.

July 4 Week Series | Online

Weekly Drop-in Classes to Suit Your Schedule

Looking for a class in a certain area of Perth or only available at certain times of the week? 

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Our courses at the Centre are packed with practical wisdom and include the opportunity to receive teachings from a qualified teacher and to contemplate and meditate on these instructions. Our courses will give you the strength, confidence and tools you need to face the challenges of everyday life with more patience, peace and perspective.