The class is held in-person on Tuesday evenings 7pm–8.30pm.


The class is located in Westerly Family Centre, 27 Westerly Way.


Drop-in fee $15.

It is now possible to pay by EFTPOS at all our classes.


When our mind is agitated, uptight or anxious, it can be very difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Through regular meditation we can gradually eliminate mental disturbances and generate a state of internal peace that is integrated into our daily routine, so that our lifestyle itself helps us to sleep well.

Tuesdays   May 23 • 30 • Jun 6 • 13 • 20

Drop-in any week for $15

Or book here for the entire series for $62.50


When love is pure-hearted and unmixed with selfish intention it never causes pain, only peace and happiness. Learn to develop an expansive and ever more inclusive empathy and love that brings joy, harmony and purpose into our lives.

Tuesdays   June 27 • July 4 • 11 • 18

Drop-in any week for $15

Or book here for the entire series for $50


Explore highly practical inner scientific methods for developing a light, positive mind. Through becoming deeply familiar with the mechanics of happiness and suffering as described in Buddha’s teachings, discover how it’s possible for wisdom and joy to be your daily experience.

Tuesdays   Aug 22 • 29 • Sep 5 • 12 • 19 • 26 • Oct 3

Drop-in any week for $15

Or booking coming soon for the entire series for $87.50

What to Expect at a Class

Our classes are open to everyone, regardless of background or level of experience. Learn simple techniques for calming the mind, implement effective strategies for solving everyday problems and leading a happy, peaceful life, and discover the complete path of inner transformation that Buddha taught.

Each week, explore a different aspect of Buddhist wisdom and be guided in a breathing meditation as well as a contemplative meditation related to the topic. There is also an opportunity to ask questions, followed by refreshments.

No need to book – drop in any week.

The Teacher

This class is taught by Buddhist teacher Iain Johnson.
Iain has been practising Kadampa Buddhism for many years and is known for his great sincerity, loving kindness and wisdom. He has received extensive teachings and shows a wonderful example of applying the teachings and practices of Kadampa Buddhism in his daily life.