Courses & Retreats

Take a day or weekend out to immerse yourself in meditation and Buddhist teachings. We hold courses, retreats and special events throughout the year. Everybody is welcome.

Meditation Day Courses

Explore a specific topic in more detail at one of our full-day or half-day meditation courses at the East Fremantle Centre.

Overcoming Anxiety

Sat 4th September · 09.30am – 1.00pm

This course will be provided at the Centre in East Fremantle.

By growing our practical wisdom understanding how our mind works and gaining experience of Buddhist meditation techniques we can learn to control our mind, rather than allowing our mind to control us. Through this we develop a sense of peace and mental freedom that is absolutely priceless.

Dealing with Difficult People

Sat 18 September · 9:30am –  1.00pm

This course will be provided at the Centre in East Fremantle.

We tend to think that we could be so much happier if people weren’t so difficult! If they could behave in the way we expect them to, not say things that we disagree with, be more helpful, less negative, more like us… The list is endless. On this course, get inspired to liberate yourself from the trap of placing your happiness in other people’s hands through learning to transform your mind.

Freedom from Craving and Attachment

Sat 9 October · 9:30am – 1.00pm

This course will be provided at the Centre in East Fremantle

In our modern world inner peace and contentment are elusive, and we often find ourself restlessly seeking something or someone to bring us the happiness we long to experience.

Through the wisdom of Buddha’s timeless teachings, Gen Rabten will guide us towards unravelling the mechanisms in our mind that cause us to experience painful feelings of dissatisfaction and craving, and explain clear and compelling methods to develop stable and enduring peace of mind.

Meditation Retreats

Get away from it all and connect with your inner peace. We hold retreats at the Centre as well as general away retreats, silent retreats and Buddhist retreats throughout the year.

Beginners Meditation Retreat | Clear Mind

Sat 2 October · 10.00am – 2.30pm

This course will be provided at the Centre in East Fremantle.

Restore your inner peace and unlock your minds potential for lasting happiness. A relaxing day retreat in a quiet and peaceful environment providing a rare opportunity to refresh your mind through meditation.

Vajrasattva Retreat

Fri 15 October · 7.00 – 8.30pm: Intro Talk with Kelsang Tara.

Sat16 October · 9.00am – 5.45pm: Vajrasattva Day Retreat.

These retreats are suitable for study programme students and those wishing to deepen their experience of formal practices

These retreats will begin with an introductory talk on the Friday evening prior to the day of the retreat.

Special Events

We hold many special events throughout the year from special public talks with visiting International Teachers to away weekends and in-depth Buddhist classes and courses.