In each class a different aspect of meditation and Buddhism is explained. The classes are self-contained so you can drop in any week. There is no need to book or bring anything. Classes begin with a simple guided breathing meditation followed by a teaching and a second guided meditation based on the topic. There is also an opportunity for discussion, followed by refreshments.

No meditation experience is necessary, classes are suitable for beginners and experienced meditators. Everyone is welcome.

Class Topics

Course Description

What’s wrong with things going wrong?
Misfortune, uncertainty and conflict are entirely normal, they are to be expected at some point in all of our lives. Since difficult circumstances are inevitable it is good to explore why we dread and inwardly reject them when they arise?
When we look back at hardships and challenges that we have
experienced in the past we can come to regard them as a training,
conditions that made us the better, more resilient and kinder person that we are today.
Since adverse conditions are inevitable & even useful can we not learn to welcome them, in real-time, as opportunities for growth? It is understood by meditators of the past and present that the ability to re-frame adverse conditions in this way leads to a deep inner calm and a mental resilience that cannot be disturbed by anything!

Wednesday 30 September • 7 • 14 • 21 • 28 October

Drop-in fee $15 per class

Course Description

Explore ancient wisdom for the modern world, and how to integrate this wisdom seamlessly into your daily life. By practising Buddha’s teachings on compassion and wisdom it is entirely possible to transform your life. Discover for yourself how 2,500 year old teachings are just what the 21st century needs.

Wednesday 4 • 11 • 18 • 25 November • 2 December

Drop-in fee $15 per class or book for the whole series for $62.50

The teacher of this class is Lynn Juckes.

Lynn is a sincere and enthusiastic practitioner and teacher, who is well-known for her love of Kadampa Buddhist teachings. She speaks from the heart and gives thoughtful, helpful and down-to-earth teachings that are based on her own life experiences.

Class Information


The class is held on Wednesday evenings 7pm–8.30pm.


The class is located in Meerilinga Children & Family Centre, 48 Peregrine Drv, Kingsley.


Drop-in fee $15.

It is now possible to pay by EFTPOS at all our classes.