The class is held in-person on Wednesday evenings 7pm–8.30pm.


The class is located in Meerilinga Children & Family Centre, 48 Peregrine Drv, Kingsley.


Drop-in fee $15.

It is now possible to pay by EFTPOS at all our classes.

Topics and Dates


Buddha’s teachings on karma clearly explain how all our experiences, both positive and negative, arise from our past intentions and actions: helping us to make sense of our life and our world. Increasing our wisdom understanding karma leads to peace and happiness, and gives us the tools to create the life we want.

Wednesdays   Sep 20 • 27 • Oct 4

Drop-in any week for $15

Or book here for the entire series for $37.50


Do you feel isolated in your feelings? Do you bottle them up and try to navigate life without looking deeply out of fear of being overwhelmed? In this series, explore how to fearlessly navigate painful feelings like sadness, worry and distress, and gradually reduce the control they have over us.

Wednesdays Oct 18 • 25 •  Nov 1 •  8 • 15

Drop-in any week for $15

Or book here for the entire series for $62.50


Buddha’s example of peace and compassion has made a lasting impression in the world and inspired many people to enter a spiritual path. By following in his footsteps we too can discover a life of great meaning – by our very presence removing negativity from the world and giving back love and kindness.

Wednesdays Nov 22 • 29 • Dec 6 • 13

Drop-in any week for $15

Or book here for the entire series for $50.00

What to Expect at a Class

Our classes are open to everyone, regardless of background or level of experience. Learn simple techniques for calming the mind, implement effective strategies for solving everyday problems and leading a happy, peaceful life, and discover the complete path of inner transformation that Buddha taught.

Each week, explore a different aspect of Buddhist wisdom and be guided in a breathing meditation as well as a contemplative meditation related to the topic. There is also an opportunity to ask questions, followed by refreshments.

No need to book – drop in any week.

The Teacher

Kelsang Tara is a fully ordained Australian Buddhist nun and the Resident Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Centre Perth.

Tara has been studying and practising Kadampa Buddhism for many years, and ordained as a Buddhist nun in 2015. Tara’s inspiring teachings reflect her sincere wish to help those in need and to share her experience of Buddha’s life-changing instructions with others.

Please note. Classes in July will be taught by Buddhist teacher Chris Juckes