What People Are Saying

Everyone is welcome to come along to the meditation and modern Buddhism classes that we hold. Here’s what some of our regular drop-in class attendees are saying about their experience of coming to Kadampa Meditation Centre Perth.

Max | software developer

“I love coming to the weekly drop-in classes at the meditation centre – the friendly and peaceful atmosphere there make it the perfect place to meditate.”

Robyn | reflexologist

“The teachings for me are very insightful and delivered in a light-hearted clear way. I feel calmer, more confident and am able to respond to myself and life in a more patient, compassionate way. To be a better person is now my reason ‘to be’. I am forever grateful for this wonderful knowledge and the benefits of meditation.”

Jamie | father of three

“The classes help me to understand my mind better and keep it happy.”

Sadie | document controller

“The drop-in classes have become an integral part of my mental health tool kit. The meditation helps to quieten my mind and leaves me feeling peaceful. The teachings are powerfully inspiring yet incredibly relatable.”

Doug | welder

“I find the drop-in classes are a lovely way to get a feel for modern Buddhism. The teachings give an insight into what this entails in a friendly, peaceful environment.”