Teachers at KMC Perth

Classes at KMC Perth are taught by qualified Kadampa meditation teachers who are continuously improving their understanding and practice of Buddhist meditation through the in-depth study programs offered at the Centre and within the New Kadampa Tradition.

Kelsang Tara

Kelsang Tara is a fully ordained Australian Buddhist nun and Resident Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Centre Perth.Tara has been studying and practising Kadampa Buddhism for many years, and ordained as a Buddhist nun in 2015. Tara’s inspiring teachings reflect her sincere wish to help those in need and to share her experience of Buddha’s life-changing instructions with others.

Chris Juckes

Chris has been a sincere practitioner of Kadampa Buddhism for many years. He teaches with kindness and humility; gently guiding students to finding peace of mind in daily life and to taking the meaning of Buddha’s teachings to heart.


Iain Johnson

Iain has been practising Kadampa Buddhism for many years and is known for his great sincerity, loving kindness and wisdom. He has received extensive teachings and shows a wonderful example of applying the teachings and practices of Kadampa Buddhism in his daily life.

Lynn Juckes

Lynn is a sincere and enthusiastic practitioner and teacher, who is well-known for her love of Kadampa Buddhist teachings. She speaks from the heart and gives thoughtful, helpful and down-to-earth teachings that are based on her own life experiences.

Paul Johnston

Paul is an experienced and dedicated Kadampa practitioner and teacher. His sincere practice and experience of applying Buddha’s teachings in daily life are an inspiration to all who know him. Paul’s teachings are very clear and logical, using examples and analogies that make his teachings easy for students to put into practice.


Melinda Perry

Melinda has studied and practised Modern Kadampa Buddhism for many years. She is a warm and compassionate teacher who has great skill in connecting with others from all walks of life. She brings to her classes, her love of Kadampa Buddhist teachings and lively, practical approach to solving daily problems.