The class is held in-person on Wednesday evenings 7pm–8.15pm.


The class is located in Harvest Lakes Community Centre, 62 Aurora Drive


Drop-in fee $15.

It is now possible to pay by EFTPOS at all our classes.

Topics and Dates


Buddha’s teachings on karma clearly explain how all our experiences, both positive and negative, arise from our past intentions and actions: helping us to make sense of our life and our world. Increasing our wisdom understanding karma leads to peace and happiness, and gives us the tools to create the life we want.

Wednesday  – May 04 • 11 • 18 • 25 • Jun 01 • 08

Drop-in any week for $15

Or book here for the entire series for $75


Worry is a mental response to things we have little or no control over. However, no amount of worry or stress can solve the actual problem; it only makes things worse. Learn to overcome worry and anxiety, and enjoy the quality of life that can only come from inner peace.

Wednesday  – Jun 22 • 29   Jul  06 • 13 • 20

Drop-in any week for $15

Or book here for the entire series for $62.50

What to Expect at a Class

Discover practical methods to solve your everyday problems such as overcoming stress and anxiety, and enjoy harmonious relationships and a happy sense of self.

Meditate in a way that is enjoyable and actively builds inner strength, contentment and peace of mind.

Each week, explore a different aspect of Buddhist wisdom and be guided in a breathing meditation as well as a meditation related to the topic. There is also an opportunity to ask questions, followed by refreshments.

No need to book – drop in any week. These classes are suitable for beginners or experienced meditators. Everyone is welcome.

The Teacher

The class is taught by Buddhist teacher Melinda Perry..

Melinda has studied and practised Modern Kadampa Buddhism for many years. She is a warm and compassionate teacher who has great skill in connecting with others from all walks of life. She brings to her classes, her love of Kadampa Buddhist teachings and lively, practical approach to solving daily problems.