General Program

Drop-in Meditation Classes (listed below)

These classes are designed so that you can drop-in to any class, any week without the need to book. We hold these classes in seven locations throughout Perth, including the East Fremantle Centre, making it easy for you to drop-in to a class anytime for some inner peace, happiness and practical wisdom.


Day & Weekend Courses (listed below)

Our courses at the Centre are packed with practical wisdom and include the opportunity to receive teachings from a qualified teacher and to contemplate and meditate on these instructions. Our courses will give you the strength, confidence and tools you need to face the challenges of everyday life with more patience, peace and perspective.

General Program Classes to Suit Your Schedule

Looking for a class in a certain area of Perth or only available at certain times of the week? 

Course Description

Buddha taught that all our unhappiness, stress and irritation comes from our mind. Discover how to identify the actual causes of stress, and explore meditations that heal the mind of these causes.

11 Mar – 12 Apr

Drop-in any week for $15 per class or pre-book for the whole course for $62.50.

Course Description

Transform everyday problems into opportunities for personal and spiritual development. Learn ancient meditation techniques derived from one of the best-known set of instructions for mind training.

29 Apr – 14 Jun

Drop-in any week for $15 per class or pre-book for the whole course for a discounted rate (pre-bookings open soon).

Foundation Program

Do you love Buddha’s teachings and want to understand them in greater depth? Joining Foundation Program (FP) at the East Fremantle Centre is a great way to take the next step in your spiritual development. Taught by our Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Ani, joining a study program will enable you to study Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche’s books systematically, gain personal experience of these teachings and become a part of our spiritual community.

Thursday Foundation Program

Thursdays 5.30-9.30pm with Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Ani
Joyful Path of Good Fortune by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso is a step-by-step guide to the essential meditations on the path to lasting inner peace and happiness. This book shows us how to activate our potential for self-transformation and guides us in the development of profoundly positive states of mind that help us to fulfil our true potential. Joyful Path explains the entire spiritual journey to enlightenment, guiding you along every stage of the journey.

For more information about joining Thursday FP, please e-mail our Education Program Coordinator, Kelsang Tara on

Sunday Foundation Program

Sundays 1-5.30pm with Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Ani
New book commencing soon In May 2019 the Sunday Foundation Program will begin studying Universal Compassion – Inspiring Solutions for Difficult Times.

From the author Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso: ‘We need to transform whatever circumstances we meet, whether good or bad, into the spiritual path by channelling all our actions in a virtuous direction. This practice is extremely important. Those who engage in it successfully will never have to experience anxiety or discouragement but will be able to remain calm and peaceful in all circumstances.’

This program is a combined FP and Teacher Training Program (TTP) class and provides you with an opportunity to study in a structured and systematic way, form lasting spiritual friendships and deepen your practical experience of Dharma.

For more information about joining Sunday FP, please e-mail our Education Program Coordinator, Kelsang Tara on See more information below about joining as a TTP student.

Teacher Training Program

The Teacher Training Program is the perfect basis for transforming our minds and swiftly progressing on the spiritual path. The Teacher Training Program is for students who have experience of FP and wish to make a deeper commitment to spiritual development. TTP students have the opportunity to train as qualified Kadampa Buddhist Teachers through the in-depth study and practice of twelve subjects covering Sutra and Tantra, and by engaging in qualified retreat.

For more information about joining Sunday Study Program detailed above as a Teacher Training Program student, please e-mail our Education Program Coordinator, Kelsang Tara on